Pink & Purple Adjustable (3′-5′) Horizontal Bar and 8ft Folding Mat Balance Beam Combo Gym Set



This is Joom Beem’s complete gymnastics set. With its pink and purple balance beam, horizontal bar, and mat, your little gymnast will have it all.

Joom Beem now makes it possible to have your very own equipped gymnastics mini-facility right in your own home.

The low balance beam is 8 feet long, 4 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. It is constructed from a lightweight wood composite material. With its breakthrough folding beam design, it can easily be folded in half on its flat, durable stainless steel hinge for easy storage. This low beam features a 3/8-inch thick durable foam padding topside and is covered all around with beautiful and tactile purple suede. It also has three braces/feet assemblies that can be placed at each end and in the middle, to give full support when in the in-use position.

The adjustable horizontal bars can be adjusted to 36, 42, 48, 54, or 60 inches. Made from solid steel, precision stainless steel hardware, and with a beautiful powder coating, these high quality horizontal bars are made to last a lifetime.

The premium folding mat can be used for entry level to advanced gymnastics training. With its 1 3/8” thick polyurethane foam filler, 18-ounce vinyl over nylon non-slip cover that is also fire-retardant, puncture and mildew resistant. This mat has a Nyoplast bottom to prevent slippage and feature Velcro panels on each to connect additional mats for more tumbling fun.

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Weight104 lbs


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